Happiness will be your reward

Setting up a striving online business from scratch will probably be the most rewarding achievement of your life. In this post, I will strip it down to the absolute 2 basic skills you need to possess:


Is the single-most-important skill you will need to learn to create a successful online business.

Success is the accumulation of tiny daily actions, all pointing in the same direction.

Years ago, I thought that tiny actions lead only to subtle results. Little did I know, that I veered completely off track.

Time flies at lightning speed and minuscolar actions performed over a long period can influence dramatically the end outcome.

Rome wasn´t built in 1 day. The same applies to your online business. You have to take small daily actions, not big ones. At least, for now.

Your success relies merely upon those tiny steps.

Perseverance is your ticket to your online financial freedom.

If you don´t learn to harness the hidden power of perseverance, you are doomed to fail.

Simply put, daily perseverance means cutting out time every single day of your life for your business and fulfill the required tasks in a reiterative process. No exception applied.

Perseverance equals to focusing on just a couple of important tasks, every single day.

You become perseverant, when you have control over your emotions, thereby your actions. That said, your frame of mind should be most of the time in a productive state.

You can´t do something for your business, only when you feel to it. You have to act even if you don´t want to. This sets you apart from the amateurs.

Furthermore, if you see that the daily task are too daunting to fulfill, you must try to understand why it´s difficult and how it can be simplified.

Once you developed perseverance, you possess a laser focus and no matter what happens during your day, you still find the time for your online project.

Whoever is perseverant, can achieve anything in life.

So much people take action upon their emotional state. One day they are angry and another happy.

People are impulsive and can´t stick to scheduled daily routines, because they mainly have no true control over their emotions.

Focus on a long-term plan

Whatever niche you want to start your online business in, you need skills. Sometimes, we can lose heart because we think we will never be able to be as good as our competitors.

We mumble to ourselves that our competition has more experience, more time to work on the business, are more likable, have more money to invest, etc.

These thoughts can be self sabotaging, indeed. How to rationally overcome this thinking paradigm?

By creating a long-term plan.

Let´s say you want to start your online business as a freelance photographer but you don´t know yet nothing about it: how to create a website, how to market yourself, how to pitch potential prospects, etc.

You give it a try and set a 1-year deadline to test this business idea and then decide if it´s a no go.

Now, after 2-3 months of working hard on your new online business, you get a firm grasp of the needed skills and you resign to the fact that you will never be able to build a competitive advantage in such a short amount of time. You feel discouraged and ready to give up.

Now, here is the problem: the time range is too short to built solid skills. Give yourself more years, like 5 or 10. Never be in a rush.

Setting up a long-term plan and start from the end in mind. Imagine for a moment investing 10 consecutive years on your online business. How awesome would it be? People don´t excel because they don´t focus.

The secret lies in cutting out time every single day for your online business. Even if you are currently still doing your daily job.

Start by dedicating just 1 hour a day and then move forward from there.

Be ahead of yourself

And master these 2 essential skills: perseverance and starting from the end in mind. Take your time.

Over to you – what do you think are other essential skills to have to start an online business?

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