HP Envy 5055

If it comes down in finding a professional, cheap and reliable printer for home use, there is currently available a big offer of printers on the market and it can be overwhelming in finding the best fit for your personal needs.

A good choice, among many, is the star of this review: The All-In-One HP Printer Envy 5055.

This printer in question has many attractive features and has the potential to be a suitable printer for your home.

Let’s start straight away and have a look at some of its main features and benefits.

1. Main Features & Benefits

Intuitive smartphone app You can print comfy from your bed or from outside the house, basically from everywhere with an internet connection
It's relatively small and flatFits everywhere and you can position in a lot of places inside your house
Aesthetically attractiveIt has the potential to be a good fit in your home decor
Small and simple to use touch screenAll main functions can be easily accessed via touch screen
BluetoothConnects easily with your smartphone and helps you save time
WirelessIt can be connected without any network cableā€¦ one cable less in the house
Works with AlexaGive printing comands by just using your voice
All-In-One devicePerfect for people who work and like to be organized. The printer can do 3 things: print, copy, scan
Auto 2-sided printing Save ink, paper and time by enabling the automatic feature of printing 2-sided

The HP printer has one important feature, which not everyone is aware of. It has to do with the toner and what happens when you stop using the printer for a while (like more than 3 months).

A plethora of printers face the problem, that if you don’t print for a longer period of time, the ink of the toner can start to stick on the internal parts of the printer, and in the worst case, damaging the printer permanently and irreversibly.

The engineering team behind the modern HP printers, including this model, tackled this common issue and came up with a special tecnology which key benefit consists in protecting the printer in case of a prolonged not usage of ink cartidge.

2. The downside of using Compatible Inks

Apart the aforementioned issue with toners not used for an extended amount of time, there is another aspect worth mentioning, that has the potential for negative surprises: usage of compatible inks.

I highly recommend in avoiding using compatible inks, because the matter of fact is that each printer is different and these compatible inks can do more damage then good on the long run.

It would be an unpleasant experience refilling the printer with compatible inks to just realize to have damaged the printer permanently, something that exactly happened to the author of this post.

It might be tempting buying compatible inks since they cost less than the original ones, but be aware that you are NOT covered by any warranty in case of bad luck. When investing in toners, its advisable to think on a long run and buy the original ones from HP, even if they are slightly more expensive.

3. Ink Replenishment Service: Caution is required!

The compatible inks are not only ones to potentially have a negative impact on your finances in connection to the use of a home printer.

There’s another silent enemy behind the corner.

It called ink replenishment service. It basically means that Amazon purchases automatically on your behalf new toners for the printer, once the printer detects a low ink level of the toner. This way you will ,theoretically speaking, never run out of toner and have one thing less to worry about in your life.

At the first glance, it might be a good thing. No need to worry about running out of toner, right? WRONG!

As with everything in life, there are substantial side-effects. These side-effects are, for example, comparable to the use of credit-cards in modern society.

Lets be honest: Why do credit-cards exists? So you can spend money that you basically don’t have. It’s just a marketing strategy to increase company revenue and make your poorer.

The ink replenishment service works similar. You can easily get out of touch about real costs of your printer, since the purchase of toner is not manual, but automatic.

That said, I can’t recommend to you the ink replenishment service. I suggest buying toners only once the toner level are low or to buy in advance a small storage of 2-3 toners. This way you also never run out, right?

4. Cartridge Ink Types and Costs

Let’s discuss now maybe the most important aspect of all: ink cartridge and its costs.

Nowadays, one of the main marketing strategies put in place of printer manufacturers is to produce low-priced printers and make the real money by selling expensive toners or by providing the above mentioned service (aka ink replenishment service).

Thus, before purchasing a printer, its advisable to check immediately also the prices of the toners (black and tri-colors).

The cost of the black and tri-color ink cartridge is roughtly 30 dollars.

HP does offer the following ink cartridge for HP Envy 5055:

Standard BlackHP 65 / N9K02ANUp to 120 pages Check Price
Standard Tri-colorHP 65 / N9K01ANUp to 100 pages Check Price
High-Yield (XL) BlackHP 65XL / N9K04ANUp to 300 pages Check Price
High-Yield (XL) Tri-colorHP 65XL / N9K03ANUp to 300 pages Check Price
Multipacks 2x BlackHP 65 / N9K02ANUp to 120 pages per cartridge Check Price
Multipacks 1 Black + 1 Tri-colorHP 65 / N9K01AN, N9K02ANUp to 120 pages (Black) and 100 pages (tri-color) Check Price

The advertised page yields ranges from 100 to 120 pages. After a reality check, the real page yields are 80-90 pages for normal text printing and does take into account a not heavy use of ink colors.

What users have to say about HP Envy 5055:

Installed my printer today and I am surprised at the speed and clarity, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Positive and negative aspects

Let’s sum up some main pros and cons of the HP Envy 5055 All-In-One printer:

  • Easy to set up, takes minutes
  • Dual Wi-Fi band (works good in places where house walls are thick)
  • If you stop using the printer for a while, the ink cartidge inside does not damage it
  • Low-priced ink cartidge
  • Small and flat (fits everwhere)
  • Check how many pages per month do you think to print, because if you print a high amount, other printers might be a better options

6. Conclusion

The HP Printer Envy 5055 is a recommend choice for customers that do not print a high amount of pages and are looking for a reliable home printer to use sporadically.

The price of the printer ist competitive (Click HERE to check price), considering that the toners are priced relatively low. It’s an All-In-One device, which means that it can print, copy and scan.

An attractive feature is that it can easily be managed from your smartphone and does not require any network cable to work: it connects wirelessly to your router.

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