Envision your goals

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Envision your life goals

The truth of the matter is that you’ll find yourself all alone in this highly-populated world, if you consciously make the ultimate decision to permanently shed a beam of light on your true self and you’re willing to lead, whatever the price may be, the life you always dreamed of.

Your endless imagination is one of the most valuable assets at one’s disposal, free of charge. No hidden costs or whatsoever.

As a sole owner, you can make use of it anytime and anywhere and leverage its unspoken power according to your needs.

Undoubtedly, whatever dream you aim accomplishing in this life, imagination will be your best friend, best ally.

The roadmap from imagination to a daily plan

How do you turn the abstract concept of human imagination into a realistic, scalable, and actionable plan?

You need to master the art of envisioning and foreseeing goals and picture them daily in your mind, every day. Down the line the steps to be taken.

Set yourself a lofty goal. For instance: losing weight and reaching your ideal weight target within the current year.

For now, don’t bother digging into too many details. Time will come for that.

Next: take a recycled piece of paper, a pen, and begin completing the puzzle. Close your eyes, start visualizing yourself from the outside and focus on all the details that differ from your current you.

You may notice upright that you look thinner, healthier, and with the heart full of joy and gratefulness, it becomes clear to you to have reached your ideal weight, and life has a brand new meaning for you.

Now, start writing down everything you just visualized, each single detail of the movie played in your mind.

If you pay close attention, you can immediately agree with me that details are aplenty. It would take weeks to put them on all paper.

Therefore, establish right away a daily routine in which you work on the remaining details of the goal: your external appearance, what opinion you have about yourself, how your friends and parents reacted once you hit your weight target, your newly formed beliefs….EVERYTHING.

As you move forward in this process, you will start living your goal, as if it already turned into reality. The more vivid images you conjure up in your mind, the closer you get emotionally to your weight target.

Nothing is powerful as harnessing imagination. It delivers an insurmountable amount of mental strength, positive energy, and most of all, clarity of purpose.

By just reading through the piece of paper, excitement and cheer shall travel at lightning speed throughout your whole body.

If this shouldn’t be the case, 2 may be the causes: the goal is not appealing enough to you or important details are missing.

The 5-Minute Audio

The last step is recording 5-minute audio. Take your smartphone and download, in case you haven’t already, a recording app. Hit the record button and enlist all the details and positive aspects of your newly reached goal.

Praise and congratulate yourself what a great job you did throughout the entire journey, from start till end. How effectively you handled all the occasions when you veered off track.

Save the audio and listen to it every single day, as soon as you wake up. Until your goal turns into reality.


We all have the knack for imagination. So let’s make use of it. Should you implement the advice in this post, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

To get your imagination skills off the ground, it takes practice and a tad of elbow grease. Unleash your true potential. Sadly, not everything is unattainable in life, but most is indeed.

When you properly leverage imagination, inner perseverance, and nourish a laser focus habit, you will be unstoppable.

In case your imagination skills shall be a bit rosty, don’t fret! Just start by toying around and after some time of daily practice, it will become second nature.

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