Never share your health goals with anyone

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Don’t do it, even if you feel to

I will reveal to you in this post why you should never share your weight-loss goal with the world. Be cautious even when tempted in asking for advice.


OK, after careful thinking, you want to start dieting and losing weight. Congrats, it’s one of the best life-decisions you could ever make.

While you are a little frightened about the possible outcome, you feel also excited and can’t wait to share your lofty weight-loss goal with everyone you meet.

But please…STOP right there. Read this post till the end, before even thinking doing it.

If there’s one lesson I learned from my life experience, is to not talk about my dreams with others. It hampers your path to success, no matter where you want to get in life.

In this post, my focus is on weight-loss goals and I will reveal to you why it’s paramount to maintain high discretion with all the folks out there.

I can easily relate to individuals who make self-commitments, like trying to get rid of those extra fat rolls. They are eager to announce this brand new, shiny, gold intention to the whole world outright.

How could that happen? Maybe by publishing a super motivational post on Facebook or by chatting with all of your friends on WhatsApp.

Additionally, you might have read dozens of posts on the internet about weight-loss motivation and have been invited by many other bloggers to open yourself about your new lofty goal, because according to their opinion, making a public announcement can increase the overall motivation.

I am sorry, but I believe it’s just pure BS!!

Sharing your goals with others will only make things more daunting and reduce the chances of reaching your weight-loss target.

Dreams are fragile

There was a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile. (Marcus Aurelius – The Gladiator)

In the beginning, all goals are inherently fragile. They are even more fracturable if in the past you already failed a slew of times. Personally speaking, I unsucceeded many times in my attempt in losing weight for good.

It worked out for a bunch of months and then I gave in. I returned, at lighting speed, to my old unhealthy nutritional habits.

That said, if you decide to go public with your intentions, everyone has potentially the power to dismantle all of your noble goals with the most effective dream-destroying tool: people’s negativity.

It’s like a virus: you don’t see it, but it’s present.

Oh dear, how many beautiful dreams have been destroyed by negativity.

If you decide to unveil your goals to someone, it’s dangerous and risky. Besides, you provide them with decisional-power over your goal.

Compare it to company ownership. If you keep a low profile and your mouth close, you are the sole owner of the business. You are the captain of the ship and everything depends upon your decisions. Your dream is safe.

Once you share your wildest dreams with another person, it’s like stipulating a new contract, where the ownership of the company is split into 2 parts and you don’t have any more full control over the outcome.

Likewise, your authority as a ship captain ends, and your decisions are influenced by your Chief Officer.

The more you talk, in more parts will the company be split.

Now, do you get the picture?

Needless to say, that your weight-loss goal is at stake.

Learn to harness loneliness

Here an undeniable fact…there are only 2 members of the party: you and your weight-loss goal.

No one else is involved: no trivial Facebook friends, no close friends, no family members.

In this challenging yet beautiful journey, you are alone. It’s the hard cold truth. The sooner you accept this reality, the quicker you get to your ideal body-weight.

So, let’s get pratical! When someone notices your improved body-shape, how do you respond?

Reply with vague answers!

How to fulfill such a task?

Don’t disclose information about anything. Keep all the details for yourself.

The inner motivation is the strongest force in the world.

Flush “talking” down the toilet

Here’s another vital reason to maintain total discretion: talking equals to wasting your precious time. I explain to you why.

Your weight-loss goal is not an easy project, even if nobody informs you about that.

It requires careful planning, honest self-analysis, vision, hope, organizational skills, mental strength and flexibility, planning, organization, and interiorization of all bad habits, self-motivation, periodic reality checks, emotional endurance, resilience, self-discipline and much more.

It’s a big list we have here, right? You have to put so much effort into this in order to succeed in the long run. Exactly for this reason, the failure rate is so high. People tend to take lighthearted health goals.

Weight management is a lifetime commitment, not just for mere months or years. Or do you want to get sexy, thin, and healthy for just a couple of months? I don’t think so. 🙂

So, chattering about your weight-loss goal equals subtracting valuable time to your weight management project.

Unfortunately, going out with your best friends eating pizza, will not get you closer to your goal, either. 🙁

Also, talking brought no one further in life. Action is what makes the difference and talking is not an action: it´s a time-wasting activity.


Negativity is one of the most dangerous enemy living on this planet which can kill your dream in seconds and is responsible for the deaths of millions of human dreams.

It’s a silent killer, like a deadly virus. The best way to protect yourself against possible attacks is by maintaining discretion and a low profile.

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