Remington MB-200


Choosing a reliable beard trimmer is not always an easy task.

It does especially apply to customers who accrued multiple negative experienced by purchasing new shavers and trashing them after a couple of months.

For this reason, it can be daunting to find the right product at the right price, and by being aware that the product choice is huge.

The product of our review, the budget shaver Remington MB-200, is an affordable, lightweight and has a quite powerful motor torque.

Weighing only 5.5 oz / 156 g and characterized by a unique curved shape, it’s straightforward to use and to manage on a daily basis.


Let’s now go through some of the main features of the Remington MB-200:

Lengths setting

11.5.06Stubble Look

Each length of setting can be set up by using a robust zoom wheel positioned in the middle of the trimmer and can’t be therefore activated accidentally.

Some customers have reported to have put it into a suitcase to find out at arrival, that the battery was already dead since it turned on by itself inside the luggage.

Look for some beard length examples? Click here to check out an informative article.


Inside the shaver Remington MB-200 are placed 2 Li-on AA rechargeable batteries.

After the purchase, it’s recommended to fully charge the device for 12 hours.

Remington suggests also to fully empty the batteries every 6 months of usage, in order to optimize the batterie’s lifespan and performance.

You can’t overcharge the battery, which means that after each use, you can simply plug the power cable into the trimmer.

Anyhow, if you plan to stop using it use for 2 weeks or more, avoid charging it.

Based on our 7-Days Test, the battery lasts about 1 week, by using it at least once on a day.

Batteries Replacement

According to Remington, the batteries can’t be replaced once drained.

The truth is is another one: with a little bit of patience, you can replace the 2 rechargeable batteries.

Many customers have reported having successfully replaced the batteries.

A helpful YouTube video tutorial that shows how to replace the batteries can be viewed by clicking here.

The power outage is more powerful than the last 10 we bought and tested; it cuts faster, smoother and more precisely, avoiding also the common issue of hair-pulling.

The Remington shaver comes with a plethora of benefits, so let’s shed some light on over the most interesting ones:

Titanium-coated blades

The blades are not only self lubed for life (no need to buy specific oils), but are also titanium-coated which means: lighter and more corrosion resistant compared to regular steel blades.

Self-sharpening blades

Another attractive feature is the self-sharpening characteristic, requiring, therefore, a low maintenance and can be cleaned easily, by just removing the top guard.

Unfortunately, after testing it, not all hairs were removed completely. For a perfect job, it’s necessary a little bit more work. You have to open the trimmer from the top (see image).

Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer - Open

In comparison to other tested budget shavers, this model is compact and everything is built-in (no more combs laying everywhere in the bathroom).


The noise factor is for most, not an issue, but can be for some.

It’s relatively silent, but we might suggest making use of earplugs for customers affected by sensible hearing issues.

Wide Blades

The provided wide blades can help reduce trimming timing and are precise, too.

It’s concave shape assists you in proper shaving and, thus, enhances the maneuverability.

  • Cableless
  • Can be used to shave also the body (no need to buy a body groomer)
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Led-charge indicator light
  • Small and compact
  • No charging stand
  • Motor torque might not be powerful enough for thick beards

What others have to say about Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer:

Simple trimmer at a great price. Seems like all the trimmers on the market nowadays are crazy expensive. I couldn’t find one locally at a reasonable price so I bought this. Exactly as expected, and just like the last one I had that lasted a decade.


The Remington MB-200 has only mechanical buttons, making it robust and stable. You can set the length by using the zoom wheel with the number setting.

The device itself is not very big, only 7.3″ (18 cm) and provides a good hand-grip. The batteries inside the Remington MB-200, last on average up to 5 years.

Furthermore, with little technical skills, they can also be replaced.

It’s officially not waterproof, but nothing happens if some water drops end on the device.

The price is also quite competitive. Click here to check the best price available on Amazon.

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