Focus on few, but effective, habits

You will succeed in dieting when you realize that at the end of the day it comes down to simply sticking to a bunch of effective habits. In light of this, below are listed the top three habits to lose weight the wise way.

1. Set a min/max amount of calories per day

Assuming that you count your daily calories, be sure to never dive below a certain amount.

When you start dieting, you may be tempted to simply eat as little as possible, disregarding any dieting rule based on commonsense and effectiveness.

The consequences of this trivial approach are detrimental to your body health and may dramatically soar your chances of giving up or regaining the lost weight within the next 12 months.

In the beginning, you will lose weight fast and be satisfied with the initial results.

After many weeks of dieting at a low-calorie regime, cravings will show up and dieting will become each day more difficult.

Until you give up.

Unfortunately, this is the case scenario of most individuals going on diet, according to statistics.

To avoid ending up with cravings, choose a minimum and maximum amount of calories per day.

The minimum amount will help you avoid cravings and render your weight loss journey pleasant and easy to stick to.

The maximum limit assures you to keep burning fat in excess at all times.

To track your calories, I recommend using a simple app (avoid those apps full of ads and distracting und useless functionalities).

In case you are traveling or on holiday, overestimate the daily calorie amounts but keep tracking your calories.

2. Lose weight gradually

This is perhaps the most important advice I would love you to implement in your dieting.

Do things gradually, without rushing and fretting. The suggested way to lose weight is by reducing each month the daily calories by 100 and then by 50.

Your rate of success highly increases if you do things slowly. A reliable statistic that backs up this theory is about individuals starting to work out at the gym. In sum, 50% of all new gym subscribers engaging from day 1 in heavy weight lifting (therefore, not gradually), will give up within 6 months.

The same applies to weight loss. Whoever reduces the daily calories intake gradually, has a much higher chance of succeeding.

3. Stay away from negative people

Avoid talking to anyone about your weight loss goal.

People who do not believe in you or have a history of failures in dieting will try to drag you down and discourage you in following your dream of having an ideal body weight.

Furthermore, pay close attention to your family member and friends: they have a lot of influence on you and in case they should be skeptical about your dieting, they can do a lot of harm to you (in good faith, but still harm).

If you have friends with bad eating habits (like going to fast-food), sack them.

Over to you – what other habits do you think work well to lose weight effectively?

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