Counting Calories

Are you questioning yourself if you should start counting calories for your weight loss goal? If so, let me give you a simple answer: YES! YES! YES!

It’s the best thing you can do to guarantee your weight loss success on a long-term.

Counting your daily calorie intake is crucial for your weight loss results. Not only weight loss, but especially does apply to successful weight maintenance.

To change a habit, which in our case consists consuming a limited amount of calories each day, you must follow some quite important rules first.

What I have learned from my experience (personally lost more than 60 pounds), is that to control your eating habits, you must first manage them. To manage them, you paramount monitoring your daily eating activities. Track everything that goes inside your body and success is almost certain.

Only this way, you will be able to understand if you are making a progress or failing. If you don’t track your calories, you will never have a true understanding how your body works and I am sorry to be harsh on you, but failure will eventually hit you hard. It’s just a matter of time.

Each body is different and everyone of us has a different metabolism. Don’t use the online calorie calculators, because they are unreliable.

That said, I can’t stress it out enough: daily tracking calories is essential. Also because, some people want to lose weight but are not disciplined enough to track their calories. After some time, they might have realized to not have lost the expected amount of weight and they start to blame something or someone and don’t realize that a simple mathematical equation is behind their weight loss success.

What goes in must be less that what goes out. Simple as that. 🙂

A very good analogy I love to cite is the management of your finances. You can’t have control on your finances, if you don’t know how much you spend and earn. It’s just impossible. To make more money, you must know how much you have and track your daily expenses. Only by doing so, you can see if you are getting richer or poorer. As I said before, it’s just simple math.

Losing weight can be also compared to a big company project, but just managed by one person: yourself. You have 4 phases: starting, planning, execution and the end phase. If you read through the first pages of manuals of project management, you will realize immediately that each project has 4 distinct phases and that in phase 3 (execution), there is a task called: DOCUMENTATION.

This means, everything what has been done so far, must be documented or monitored. The same applies to your weigh loss goal.

You must document your daily activities, by counting your calories.

I understand that it may be, especially in the beginning, slightly time-consuming. But trust me: once you integrate this habit in your life, it will become quickly spontaneous.

Counting calories is effective, because it provides you with valuable range of information, such as:

– total calories consumption in a given period

– daily calorie consumption

– average daily calorie deficit

– and much more

The coolest thing about counting calories is after just a couple of months you will know more in depth how your body works and it allows you to plan your weight loss goals with more precision. You can know exactly when you will reach your weight loss target, which is awesome also to keep motivated.

So, don’t think twice and start counting your calories each day. I use the free android app called “Simple calorie counter”, which is very basic but does exactly its job.


The bottom line here is the following: you must learn to track all your eating habits and learn to measure your progress. Another essential tool I use to track my progress is a fat loss monitor, but I may talk about it in another post.

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